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Ramblings of a grilling, drinking, black flag hoisting father and philosophical eclectic.

The Witty Lizard - Ramblings of a grilling, drinking, black flag hoisting father and philosophical eclectic.

Jingle Freaking Bells

Ahh, Christmas. What a grand day. Commercialization is out of control and it’s all about a jolly fat guy these days but who am I to complain?

Anyway, it’s a day for family, food and gifts… Three of my favorite things. In that spirit, I am making Cornish hens  for the family today. I’m looking forward to spending time in the kitchen and in front of the TV. I’m sure it will be a wonderful time. Spending time with my kids is always awesome. My family is great, no really. Everyone has issues and my family is no exception, but I wouldn’t trade them for yours.

Everyone have a great day.

Merry Christmas to all.

My Girl

Watching Back to the Future 2 with my girl. It’s amazing what they get into. She hasn’t moved since it came on….

How sweet is that? She is the most precious thing ever….. Of course I’m a bit bias. She is totally engrossed in this movie. I have always love the Back to the Future movies and now she is into it. Makes a daddy proud…such good times with my girl.


I wasn’t comfortable until the clock read under 2 minutes…. I have been a OSU fan for a long time you know. However, I did watch the last 7 minutes of the game from this spot…. Picture is from my sister’s TV. Apparently, I’m famous…as gauged by the number of people who text me when I was actually on national TV and the volume of questions about my whereabouts I received on Monday.

And about the time Larry was saying please stay off the field, my son and I jumped the wall. Nine feet is a tougher jump than it used to be. But I digress. Saturday night was one of the best night in a long time. Spent the day with my boy eating, drinking and being merry. The tailgate is a wonderful time, btw. Then the game. Cheering…. High fiving…. Singing the fight song…. Generally freaking out at the death of Squinky.

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So it was a good day. I’m proud of my favorite football team. I’m thankful for Boone Pickens. But most of all I am exceedingly happy that my boy had an experience that will stay with him for a lifetime. Did I mention he was on the goalpost as it fell to earth…….

More BCS Madness

Death to the BCS. Death to the BCS. Death to the BCS. And while we’re at it, Fuck Gary Pinkle.

That being said, how does Michigan get a BCS bowl and Michigan State doesn’t? How does K State not go to a BCS bowl?  How can the number 7, 8, and 9 teams in they BCS standing not get into a BCS bowl?

This system is so screwed up they can’t even invite the teams their system says should go to their bowls…..

Best quote of the night belongs to Mike Gundy. Said Gundy…. Let’s Google the half way point between Tuscaloosa and Stillwater and have a scrimmage before the bowls. lmfao

At the end of the day Squinky was able to find a way to screw the Pokes one more time….

End of rant… Congratulations to the 2011 Big 12 championship football team!

War Cowboy Nation